Women Make Waves

No one is stronger than the women in our lives. Some of us come to the gym to get stronger. We squat, we deadlift, and we press because we know it will get us closer to that goal. But strength is so much more than the weight you load on a barbell. Strength is courage, inspiration, discipline, and hard work. Strength means approaching life with an #EffortOverEverything mentality.

At Iron Roots Strong, that is the strength we look to build. On this International Women’s Day, we want to highlight the women in our community that embody that strength inside and outside the four walls of our gym.

Meet some of our amazing members that are making waves!

Monica De La Garza

Meet Monica! This Mama is the epitome of strength and is the queen of the Assault Bike. Although quiet, she is a force to be reckoned with! Her relentless strength pushes everyone to work harder. 💪🏼⁣

Heather King

Meet Heather…Educator, Motivator, Leader, are just a few ways to describe the amazing person that she is. When she’s not crushing workouts in the gym, she is dedicating her time in the classroom. Her commitment to her students and fellow teachers is truly inspiring!

Amber Lucero

Meet Amber! Amber exemplifies the true meaning of strength, courage, and perseverance, not only in the gym but in everyday life. When she’s not crushing workouts, she’s spending her time studying on becoming a nurse and loving on her sweet grandbaby. ⁣⁣She encourages and lifts up others with her smile and sass. She truly brings out the best in those around her! ⁣

Isla Islas

Meet Isla! All heart, all hustle! ♥️ Her strength goes way beyond her physical fitness and, if you’ve ever seen her workout…well enough said. 💪🏼 Her mental toughness and resilience is like no other. She is the best hype woman and loudest cheerleader.

Jessica Aranda

Meet Jessica! Encourager, Protector, and Fashionista! She has such a kind spirit and is always lifting up others around her. She lives by the truth of Iron Sharpens Iron! Her hard work, positive and uplifting energy does not go unnoticed. We see you, Jess and are grateful to have you part of the community! ⁣⁣

Monica Valenzuela

Meet Monica!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣She has been crushing workouts and her growth over this last year has been remarkable. Her work ethic in the gym is something we strive to emulate every day. Thank you for being such a positive example and a light in our community! ⁣⁣

Sabrina Reyna

Meet Sabrina! ⁣She is the definition of inspiration and sets the bar high. A mama always on the go setting the best example for her husband and kids! You can catch her running 5Ks and kicking butt in the gym. She participated in her first CrossFit Open and killed it! ⁣

Olga Agundiz

Meet Olga! Girl Gone Strong! This gal isn’t afraid to step out of her comfort zone and challenge the status quo…girls can lift, too. She has put in the work this past year to meet her goals and defines what it truly means to train today to do the things you love tomorrow!

To close out our Women Make Waves Campaign, we want to highlight these four who are paving the way by pushing the boundaries and shattering glass ceilings in the fitness industry! They are redefining what it means to encompass strength, courage, and fortitude. Thank you for setting the example and leading through community and camaraderie and most importantly living out the “Effort over Everything” mentality. Keep on inspiring women to make waves!⁣⁣

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