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Get healthier. Build connections. Be happier. Join our community and reach your goals faster with group training.

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Why group training?

Group training keeps you motivated and working hard. Working with a coach keeps you safe and injury-free. Each day, we’ll build you a challenging workout that combines the best of all fitness methods, grounded in exercise science.


You will have a network of people to connect with about your progress and goals. Get lifestyle advice from other class members, push each other, or hang out after training.

Certified coaches

Our coaches are trained, educated and certified to lead group classes. They know how to keep you safe while helping you reach your potential.


When you exercise alone, coming to the gym can feel like a chore. Group workouts are lively and exciting. You'll find yourself looking forward to exercising.


You will continuously improve with our varied routines, and everyone around you will notice.

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NCX - Built Stronger. Built Better

NCX combines daily classic strength training and conditioning into one highly-effective program. Each class will contain a strength component followed by a “metcon” workout. Strength training in NCX revolves around the core lifts: squats, presses, deadlifts, and an introduction to Olympic lifts. The goal of NCX is to tackle strength and conditioning with high levels of proficiency and appropriate intensity for the best results.

NCMETCON - Train Everything. Prepared for Anything

NCMETCON is all about GPP (General Physical Preparedness), and GPP is all about being incredibly well-rounded, prepared, and capable. Some workouts might be a sprint (short, fast, and light) while others might be a grind (long, slow, and heavy). Movements will include everything from cardio and gymnastics to powerlifting and Olympic lifting. If you’re looking for a high-powered, exciting, and challenging program…NCMETCON is it.