Who is NCFIT Iron Roots For?

At NCFIT Iron Roots we deliver fitness for those that put in the EFFORT to live a full and free life. Our Strength x Conditioning workouts are Coach-led, incredibly effective, fun, and challenging. If you are ready to put in the EFFORT, NCFIT Iron Roots is the gym for you. Your fitness experience doesn’t matter – only your mindset does.

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What's my First Class Look Like?

Every class is coach led from start to finish. When you join NCFIT Iron Roots, you’re not just a number. At other gyms, you pay to ‘rent out space’ on the floor. Here, you are paying for guidance, accountability, and motivation from a coaches who know how to get it done.


Arrive 10 minutes early and check in with our front desk. Our staff is available to answer any questions you may have about the gym and our workouts. Meet your Coach and grab a spot on the gym floor.


A. WARM-UP - Move through a dedicated coach-led warm-up designed specifically to prepare your body for that day's workout. B. STRENGTH - Lift some weights during our strength portion to build and maintain lean muscle and develop your functional strength. C. CONDITIONING - Sweat it out during a metabolic conditioning workout to help you burn fat and feel great.


We have 10 minutes set aside between all class times to give you time to share high fives and talk to your professional coach about nutrition, recovery, and anything else that will help you reach your goals faster!


You can expect sustainable and long-term weight loss, improved health markers, increases in strength, endurance, and flexibility, gains in lean muscle, and more energy for activities outside of the gym.

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